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We have taken some of our most frequently asked questions from our consumers to compile
this listing of helpful information about our Alpine® products.

The Chromalox controller on my Alpine® kiln reads "Open Sensor", and will not function properly. What’s wrong?
The thermocouple is disconnected. Check the connections at the back of the kiln. Make sure the thermocouple wires are connected properly to the thermocouple blocks. If the wires are tight, open the kiln control panel and check the connections on the Chromalox.
When starting my Alpine® gas kiln, the pilots will light, but the main gas does not come on. What do I do?
One of the solenoids is bad, and will have to be replaced. To figure out which one, start up the kiln as you normally would and watch the solenoids. They should jump slightly when they switch open. Whichever one doesn’t jump is the bad one and must be replaced. If you can’t see them jump, put your hands on them while the kiln starts up. You should be able to feel them click open. You can also check the solenoids with an Ohm meter.
Why I can’t get my Alpine® gas kiln to reach temperature?
Your gas pressure is probably too low. Alpine® gas kilns require 14 inches of water column gas pressure at the hookup. That is, where the kiln gas train connects to your building’s gas pipe. If there isn’t enough pressure, you kiln will not have enough fuel to reach high temperatures.
One of the pilots on my Alpine® gas kiln won’t light. Do I need to replace the pilot burner?
Not necessarily. First, clean the Fireye scanner at the burner. If the pilot still won’t light, you may have a bad Fireye control box. Switch the two Fireye boxes at the back of kiln control panel and see if the problem switches to the other pilot. If it does, replace the bad Fireye control box.